IonTamer™ FA

Time-of-flight mass spectrometry technology for highest product & process quality

Refined Process & Product Quality

IonTamer™ FA measures continuously and delivers calibrated mass spectra of the full mass range up to 10 times per second with a mass resolution up to 1800 at full width and half maximum. Through in-situ, real-time quantitative analysis with high sensitivity a world of new process measurements and control possibilities opens to you.

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Materials for Harsh Environement

IonTamer™ FA-H is built completely polymer-free with stainless steel, gold, ceramic, and aluminum.


High-Performance TOF‑MS Analyzer

IonTamer™ FA includes our newly developed time-of-flight analyzer with high sensitivity and resolution. The analyzer measures the full mass spectrum (1 – 1 200 u/e) up to 10 times per second.


Innovative Dynode Detector

The specially developped TOF detector is operating at pressures below 1·10-5 mbar and is replaceable in the field.


Compact Electronics Box

The extremely compact electronics box is connected to the instrument with two-meter cables and includes full remote control and monitoring of the instrument.


CF40 Flange

The standard flange can be connected directly to a vacuum chamber without any restriction on the instrument’s orientation during operation.


Long-Life Ion Source

IonTamer™ FA includes a robust, field-replaceable open ion source that will keep maintenance costs low over the lifetime of the instrument.

Typical Applications

  • Wafer manufacturing: process optimization for higher reliability and yield.
  • ALD process control for higher product quality in display manufacturing.
  • Environmental research where robust and mobile instruments are required.
  • Industrial vacuum coating.

Software & Data Acquisition

  • Full remote configuration, control, and monitoring of the instrument.
  • Automated operation for ease of use.
  • Continuous data stream of full mass spectra with 100 ms integration time each, without dead time.
  • Live mass spectra visualization and processing as time series.

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