Time-of-Flight Residual Gas Analyzer

IonTamer™ Series

The IonTamer™ instruments are time-of-flight residual gas analyzers (TOF-RGA) that monitor the composition of gases in real time, at high resolution, and with excellent sensitivity. As the world’s best performing RGAs, the IonTamer™ instruments bring performance levels to industrial and research vacuum facilities that were previously available only with benchtop laboratory instruments.
Applications include semiconductor, OLED display, optics, and solar panel manufacturing, vacuum coating processes (CVD, PVD, ALD), vacuum furnace and metallurgy, research in vacuum systems down to ultra-high vacuum, and in harsh environments.

IonTamer™ DI

The IonTamer™ DI consists of an analyzer, as well as of all necessary electronics and software. The instrument is designed for integration in existing equipment. It is inserted directly into the customer’s vacuum chamber via a CF100 flange and requires a pressure range <1·10-5 mbar.

IonTamer™ FA

The IonTamer™ FA includes an analyzer in a vacuum chamber with a pressure gauge, as well as all necessary electronics and software. The IonTamer™ FA is placed outside the customer’s vacuum chamber, connected via a standard CF40 flange, and is operational up to a pressure of 1·10-5 mbar.

IonTamer™ PS - Coming soon!

Demonstration instrument to be seen at Semicon 2021 in Munich.

Customer Benefits

Enables continuous process control and optimization of yield and reliability
Measures entire mass range simultaneously
Secures the quality of customer’s production processes
Easy integration in proprietary process control tools
Continuous acquisition of full mass spectra every 100 ms without any dead time
Mass resolution up to 1800 at full width at half maximum
Fully automated real-time and online measurements

Process Control

The IonTamer™ instruments measure continuously and deliver calibrated mass spectra of the full mass range (1 – 1 200 u/e) up to 10 times per second. The data is channeled to Spacetek Technology’s software or to the customer’s process control system via an ethernet interface. This performance opens unprecedented opportunities to control processes and to optimize yield and reliability.

Quality Monitoring

As high-performing residual gas analyzers, the IonTamer™ instruments detect and monitor contaminants in vacuum systems used in industrial production as well as research and development. They secure production and increase product quality by detecting transient deviations from nominal. Identifying contaminants, the IonTamer™ instruments ease the locating and repair of disturbances.
All materials used in the ­-H version of the IonTamer™ instruments are compatible with applications in harsh process environments. Separation of instrument control electronics and analyzer make measurements in extreme environments possible.

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