IonTamer™ Series

Time-of-flight technology for highest product & process quality

IonTamer™ Series

Time-of-flight instrument with miniaturized power electronics

IonTamer™ Series

Patented time-of-flight process analyzer for harsh environments


Spacetek Technology AG announces the successful closing of its Seed Financing Round

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Our instruments measure gases in real time, delivering a full quantitative chemical analysis up to ten times per second.
Our instruments detect species down to parts per billion, providing unique insights into your production processes.
Our autonomous instruments
are directly integrated into your production equipment with full remote control and supervision.


IonTamer™ Series

Our process gas analyzers are compact instruments monitoring the composition of gases in real time and in line, at high resolution, and with high sensitivity. We bring performance levels to industrial production line and civil infrastructures previously available only with benchtop laboratory instruments.

Our Technology

All IonTamer™ instruments are fully controlled and operated over the network. An intuitive desktop software simplifies the operators’ work to acquire and process valuable measurement data.


Wafer Manufacturing

Process Control
The speed, resolution, and sensitivity of the IonTamer™ instruments enables process optimization for higher reliability and yield.

Oled-Display Manufacturing

Contamination Control
Our instruments detect heavy masses with high sensitivity. The resulting ALD process improvements yield unmatched product quality.

Environmental Science Research

Field Analysis
The IonTamer™ PS-H successfully identifies trace amounts of noble gases in air and is able to identify species down to a few ppb concentration.

Industrial Vacuum Coating

Process Optimization
The IonTamer™ TOF-RGAs offer the required speed and accuracy for closed-loop control of vacuum coating processes.


Prof. Dr. Nicolas Thomas

Director of Physics Institute, University of Bern

Uni Bern’s CaSSIS instrument relied heavily on engineers now working at Spacetek Technology. They made a massive contribution to the great images we get from Mars.

Cyril Kubr

ESA Business Incubator Switzerland

I was very happy to witness an impressive evolution from a mere research project to a successful startup. I am convinced that Spacetek Technology will further follow the path of constant growth.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Stocker

Head of Climate and Environmental Physics, University of Bern

We benefitted from Spacetek Technology’s remarkable experience in developing electronics for extreme environments: for us not in space but in Antarctica.

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