Our strategy: development, design, engineering, assembly, and testing – it's all our own business!

We innovate by combining excellence in physics, electronics engineering, mechanical design, and software development
to manufacture a new category of time-of-flight mass spectrometers for industrial process control.


Spacetek Technology’s instruments are designed to reach best performance. The simulation of the ion path in the mass analyzer is a key step to reduce the time to market.

The design of new instruments starts with simulations.

Electronics Design

Our electronics is developed in-house and built specifically for reliable operation of the mass analyzer and for high-speed data acquisition and processing.

Our fast, reliable, and miniaturized electronics enables unmatched performance.

Mechanical Design

Our combined expertise in physics and mechanical engineering yields groundbreaking in-line process instruments, so far only available as benchtop laboratory equipment.

Our light, compact, and precise analyzers are suitable for harsh environments.

Software Engineering

The remote capabilities and low maintenance characteristics are the results of more than a decade of space exploration know-how and technology development experience.

Our digital solution allows for 100 % remote operation in real time.

Systems Engineering

Own facilities and expertise in manufacturing allow a lean and agile development process for new instruments, including special adaptations requested by our customers. We are specialists for the implementation of system solutions.

Our production capabilities result in high-quality system solutions.

Smart & Tested

Our instruments are made smart to ensure easy, automated, and remote operation with pre-set modes. Thorough testing and calibration warrant reliability and low maintenance.

Our systems can be monitored online and in real time around the clock.

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